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Raising a child who knows God
begins and ends in the Home.
In the middle is the Church
This weeks prayer activity can be used in the home but
is especially good for the Sunday School.

The Tallit or Prayer Shawl.
Could be one of the best Sunday School lessons of all time.

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In the Old Testament the Jewish people wore the Tallit for
morning prayers and when entering the temple.
They used it to wrap the Torah (Old Testament).
They also carried it with them when traveling.
The root word for "Tallit" is little tent.
In modern language it could be called "little church".

The first choice for using a Tallit in your Sunday School class is a real prayer cloth borrowed from a person of the Jewish Faith or a local Temple, second choice is make your own Prayer Shawl, third choice is a picture of a Tallit AND a simple white or light blue cloth. Whether you have a real Tallit or a picture and a plain piece of cloth explain to the children how a Tallit is used...to cover the head during prayer and to wrap around the Torah (Old Testament). Allow the children to put it on and if they like to say a short prayer. Explain that the purpose of the cloth is to remind people that when they pray they are alone with God...that the Tallit is like a little church with their own altar. Explain too that wrapping the Bible in the Prayer shawl is to remind us that prayer without scripture does not work...nor does scripture work without prayer. For God to make himself real we need BOTH ...scripture and prayer. Suggest to the children that they might put something over their heads when they pray and pretend they are in their own little church...alone with God.

The Tallit had another use. It made visible to children their parents prayer lives, a lasting memory that in their family prayer was important. Even if we don't use a prayer shawl we should allow our children to both hear and see us pray.
How else will they learn? Have you ever prayed in front of your children? Do you ever pray out loud.

The Tallit is a wonderful thing because it allows children to SEE at least a little bit of what cannot be seen.,

A Tallit story from my own personal life.
A friend brought me a Prayer Shawl from Israel. I used it in a few talks and then stored it in a drawer. A mouse caused minor but very visible damage. The lesson to me was that a Tallit (Prayer Life) must be cared for...every day. Practice keeps your prayer life whole and undamaged. Put it in a drawer (neglect it) and it will be damaged.

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