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You can't understand scripture without PRAYER
You can't pray rightly without
We hope this weeks bible verses enrich your child's prayer life.
The life God looks on.

These little scripture slips print three strips per 8.5" x11" sheet.
A verse a day for three children for a whole week.
All mom and dad have to do...once a day...
is snip off a verse.
No mess
Clicking the first strip prints child friendly verses from a variety of translations..
Clicking the second strip prints optional questions to print on the back of the verses.
The third strip prints verses from the King James only.

Questions get a child's mind engaged.
They also help involved parents start a conversation.
We pray your church passes them out in Sunday School and or
as an insert in your Church bulletin.
Click any image to download a full page of "Bible Strips"

Child Friendly         Optional Backs         King James

Focusing on Prayer two weeks in a row is probably a good idea.
We hope this second set of verses is as powerful as the first.

Child Friendly         Optional Backs         King James
This is what the printed verses will look like.
Cut three strips lengthwise and send them home with the children.
If you are a parent snip off a verse a day.


May Prayer and Scripture become the two legs
that carry our world's children to a bright future...
On earth and through eternity.

If you haven't seen our Lord's Prayer Coloring book
All we ask is that you forward it to others.

The Lord's Prayer Coloring Book is also available as a free continuous pdf file.
Click here to download the free printer friendly file.
Feel free to print as many copies as you like as long as they are not
altered, offered for sale or used to promote a product or organization. For more free prayer activities

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