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This third slide show features a collection of free printable "Crafts"
to help children everywhere make prayer a part of their daily lives.
Scroll down pages for links to individual activities.

Use our pages as REMINDERS.
Like mathematics the key to prayer is practice, practice, practice. In most homes this means reminders, reminders...reminders. We hope that both our craft activities and coloring pages are used in this way parent take least once a month. We have done our best to provide enough choices to last a full year without boring anyone. Our favorite TAKE HOME projects are featured in the slide show and lower on the page as individual links.

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"Prayer Cup"   Must see video     "Click Here "
"Parents Guide"...."Click Here"
  Labels "From Me to Jesus" Avery 5162   "Click Here"
Labels "From Jesus to me" Avery 5162   "Click Here"

NOTHING is more important for a child to grasp than the TWO HALVES of prayer.
The first half is where we talk to God.
The second half (the important half) where God talks to us. Click Here
for a parents/teachers guide for making a prayer jar for each child in your family/class.

Why should any child believe in prayer if we don't help him stick with it
until he gets "The Answer"

Activity #2... "Grow your Sunday school Class" Have each child in your class decorate a box of some kind...a box to be filled with uncolored pages each with an invitation on the back an invitation to visit your Sunday School or VBS. Add a box of crayons and send a note home to the parents asking if they would help their children find a place for each of the outreach boxes...perhaps in a jail waiting room, an eye doctors office or an auto/tire repair shop. It could be their first missions trip. It could bring new people into your church.
To print a great invitation to your church's Sunday School on the back of each coloring page Click here
To print a great invitation to your church's VBS on the back of each coloring page Click here

Activity #3 "The Learning Puzzle This puzzle has it's own button on our site but is such a great craft for very young children that we have included it on our list of crafts.
Click Here

If we have not taught our children that God ANSWERS prayer
what have we taught them.

Activity #4..."Scripture Flipper".
A gift any child can be proud to make and give...great for Mother's day. Imagine if every parent and grandparent in the world had one of these at work. It could change the workplace and the world. No one would ask you to remove a gift from a child. They also make great REMINDERS for the home.

Prayer is like lifting have to take it seriously.

Activity #5 "Marble Game...Prayer"
The greatest challenge facing the church is getting parents INVOLVED
in the spiritual leadership of their children.
This game WILL help...GREAT for VBS.

Click Here for six different on prayer.
Prayer Magnets
GREAT for VBS. Add a magnet to the back or just color these simple verses to

Click here to view all our magnet coloring projects at www.thevbshalloffame/magnets.asp

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Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, King James Version.

All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

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