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Click here to print continuing prayer request for my mother Dorothy.

The first slideshow features 24 printable pages from the lord's prayer.
The second show features 24 coloring pages for older children...
also with printable pages.

We pray you view one or both slideshows FULLSCREEN and
THEN click the "SHARE" button at the top of the new screen.
Share the shows with missionaries and Sunday School teachers...
Share them with anyone you know who works with children.

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Our dream is for this website to be a legacy to future generations
We believe our onedrive slideshows will continue to work FRRE for many years. If you like the site it might be wise to purchase a CD.

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all 4,000 coloring projects from all our sites click the pay pal.

We hope you have enjoyed the Lord's prayer activities and coloring pages. We pray God blesses your efforts to teach the Lord's prayer to children.

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PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR RETURN ADDRESS!!Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, King James Version.

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